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Since last year, specially December, I started to refresh and try to relearn the process of drawing by hand. It was something that was on my head for a while, but I just did not have the feeling to do it. There was this so-called mental block that was impending me to draw something, but not for long. In the past, one has to rely on books and having Art class just to get the basic drawing, but today the world is different, there are different sources of information which also serves to help on how to draw in addition of the schools and the books. The Internet has lots of info of how to draw, there are specialty sites like this one Deviant Art that gives some tutorials by people that knows how to draw (in their own ways), also there are Ebooks, PDF files and videos (You Tube, Vimeo) with some good tutorials too. The most important thing is not just to find tutorials and book or having classes, it to try and keep trying to draw something. That's last statement is the key in order to learn the drawing process. You just can't learn how to drive a car if you don't drive it yourself, that's applies to the drawing process. This is the reason why you are seeing drawings posted on my gallery recently. I did them following different tutorials and many of them were drawn using a simple number 2 pencil, a simple eraser and small size sketch paper pad. That's all, not fancy stuff, neither fancy softwares. What I do is to draw something as a daily basic, the result varies depend of what I draw. I try different ways and styles in order to draw better. There are some technical procedures that works better than other but I keep trying until find the one that is more comfortable for me. One thing that I learned is the importance of the body structure to draw different human part, that part is helping me a lot on how to draw Males and females. There's still more to learn in this process. That's why I am back to the basic of the drawing. My main goal is just to be able to make the drawing  a fun thing to do during my leisure time.
This is about my work. I am not an expert on art and 3D rendering. I just do it as a hobbie where I can use my imagination. No matters what the others think of my gallery, it is about how creative one can be and show it by images.
This is a short video showcasing some male models used on software like DAZ 3D STUDIO.  The animation is limited and some characters are custom morphs.Every character has its name on it.

I did a short video using the ladies models on Daz 3d for You Tube and the results were good. Hope you enjoy it!